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Interlink Capital Group bridge the financial gap by sourcing and helping clients build a diverse portfolio. We introduce investors to unique and exclusive oppourtunities, across all industries which are robust enough to meet the demands of the modern investment market. Our strategy will ensure that we are able to connect investors to various investment products that yields an attractive returns, while adding value to their portfolio.


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Through unique investing diversification we are able to unlock growth opportunities that allow you the freedom to enjoy the benefits of having your money working hard for you. We are experts at identifying growth opportunities within ethical, property and tangible assets investment.

Hassle Free Property

Giving investors a hassle-free investment opportunity within a highly favourable market. This new investment mechanism provides investors with a sustainable income, guarantees over 10% returns on the and a lifelong tenant assurance.

Revolutionising Airport Transit

A new service in the luxury travel industry. Interlink Capital Group has sourced an investment product that is the best-in class product for answering consumers needs whilst travelling. Comfortability, luxury and functionality, which are key feature in this investment.

Metal & Minerals

The Discounted Gold Offtake (DGO) opportunity allows you to maximise your purchase by taking advantage of gold price increases, whilst benefiting from your initial purchase (as with traditional gold purchasing) but also to your monthly return.

Creating Value from Watse

Using proven technology, this sustainable, waste-based biomass can successfully utilise all types of waste wood material, converting this into their proprietary  pellets. Forestry waste has a significant negative impact on the environment and due to this, profit margins in the forestry process are reduced. Through the conversion of waste wood material into its proprietary pellets, they provide a solution for managing forestry waste more efficiently and thereby supporting higher profit margins in the forestry process.


Bonds or Loans Notes.

Loan Notes and Bonds have a lot of similarites, however have key differences, visit our Helpful Information page for out advise on these somewhat complex structures and how to utlise them in your portfolio.

What yield will my investment bring?

Use our investment calculator and find out how much your investments will return, these figures are indicative and dependant on the details of each investment opportunity.

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